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Everybody loves The X-Files, but even almost ten years of weekly weirdness was not enough to cover all of the truly bizarre things that can happen out there. From bizarre illnesses and mysterious disappearances to alien hot spots and inexplicable fires that have ravaged entire towns, there are a lot of true creepy mysteries out there. Some of these real life X-files go beyond completely terrifying. 

What makes a man mysteriously die and decompose as if he'd been dead for weeks in only a matter of days? Where do entire boats and planes go when they disappear? What can make five children disappear almost without a trace and then taunt their parents for decades? No one has ever been able to figure most of these bizarre real-life mysteries out, but we all know it would be awesome to watch Mulder and Scully take a crack at them. Take a look at these cases that might even be too weird for The X-Files.

The Mass Disappearance of Children from National Parks

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Over the past 100 years, more than 1100 people have disappeared without a trace from national parks across the US. Most of these disappearances have been those of children younger than 10. This is especially insane considering that these children have vanished on federal land, which is known for being closely watched by law enforcement.   

You would think that such a high number of disappearances would have left angry loved ones behind looking for answers, and led to some sort of public outcry, but instead, the issue is not widely known. This is, perhaps, because getting accurate statistics is incredibly difficult, meaning that it is impossible to know exactly how many children have vanished.

When author David Paulides asked for a record of missing persons from different national parks, he was told that they don't keep those records. Later he was told if he wanted those records, it would cost him over $1 million. What exactly is being covered up here, besides awesome X-Files episode material? 

The Man with a Horrifying Appetite

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In the 1700s in France, a man named Tarrare stalked the streets eating literally anything in his path. At the age of 17, he weighed only 100 pounds and could eat a quarter of an entire cow in a day. He could also wrap the skin of his stomach around his entire body. After being kicked out of his house for being terrifying, he traveled as part of a freak show, consuming anything put in front of him. Tarrare would eat anything from garbage to flint to even live animals.  

Tarrare enlisted in the army and was quickly sent to a hospital after almost starving to death on a diet meant for only one normal man. There he became the test subject of curious doctors, who fed him everything from live snakes and eels to meals meant for 15 people. Tarrare, however, was kicked out of the hospital after getting caught trying to eat corpses. During his stay a 14-month-old baby mysteriously disappeared from the infirmary, and it's believed he ate it.

A monster-of-the-week X-Files episode based on a man who literally steals infants and eats them would be truly insane. Second revival, anyone? 

The S.S. Ourang Medan

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Around 1947-1948, a bizarre radio message was received by a number of ships traveling through the Straits of Malacca near Sumatra and Malaysia. The message was delivered in Morse code and partially indecipherable. According to those who received the transcript, it said. "All Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. … I die." 

Two American ships came to the Dutch ship's rescue and found the distress calls horrifyingly accurate. The ship was littered with the corpses of the crew, all in states of complete terror. Even the crew's pet dog was found dead, its teeth bared mid-snarl. While there was no sign of physical harm on any of the corpses, they all appeared to be rotting rapidly. Suddenly the Ourang Medan caught fire and exploded, sinking into the sea.

The Man from Taured

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In 1954, an unusual man tried to go through customs at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. He claimed that he was from Taured, a country between France and Spain that simply does not exist. He had a passport from the country with stamps which corresponded to all of his business trips, as well as a wallet full of corresponding currencies and documentation. After officials showed him a map which depicted Andorra to be the country between France and Spain, he became angry and claimed that Taured had existed for thousands of years. 

The man was put up in a hotel over night and his documents locked away while the authorities attempted to sort everything out. They found out that the company he said he was meeting with had never heard of him and the bank listed in his checkbook did not exist. Things got even weirder when the man disappeared from a guarded hotel room without a trace overnight. All of his documentation, which had been held overnight by airport security, also vanished. 

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Sodder Children

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A tragic fire in the Sodder family home in 1945 lead to one of the strangest disappearances in American history. Five children, from the ages of 5-14, vanished from their home in Fayetteville, West Virginia, and were never seen again. The father did everything to save his children from the smoldering upper floor, but found his ladder missing, his trucks suddenly not working, and no one in the entire town could get a hold of the operator to call the fire department.  

Even stranger, no remains of the five dead children were ever found on the property. And in fact, there were sightings of them for years, though the sightings never culminated in anything concrete. Police and private investigations turned up nothing, only for Jennie Sodder to be sent a picture of a young man over 20 years after the fire. The picture was labeled Louis Sodder, and he had the same features as her missing son Louis. The envelope was postmarked Kentucky but had no return address. The private investigator the Sodders sent to Kentucky was never seen again. Both parents died without ever finding out what had happened to their children. 

Lake Lanier

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Lake Lanier is a man-made lake in Georgia with a terrifying past. In order to create it, the US government flooded over 50,000 acres of land over five years, forcing entire towns of people to relocate. This lake not only has a series of perfectly intact ghost towns along the bottom, but a reputation for attracting strange deaths ever since its creation in the 1950s. This lake is famous for boating accidents, drownings, and even nearby drivers suddenly losing control and plunging their cars into it.   

In 2011 alone, there were over a dozen freak-accident-related deaths on the lake. It is famous for strange and often unsolved disappearances. One of the most recent disappearances is that of a man named Kelly Nash who woke up one day with flu-like symptoms, told his girlfriend he was sick, and went back to sleep. When she woke up he had disappeared, leaving behind his keys and wallet, only for his decomposed body to appear in Lake Lanier a month later. It's time to get the experts in to take a look at this cursed lake. 

The Unsolvable Code of Ricky McCormick

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In 1999, the body of 41-year-old Ricky McCormick was found in an abandoned corn field in St. Charles County Missouri. Despite only being missing for three days, his body was so thoroughly decomposed that his fingertips had fallen off. McCormick was a convicted felon that had done time for sexual abuse, as well as had connections to a drug ring, so it seemed obvious that he had been murdered. However, police could not find one person with a motive, or any physical evidence to tie anyone to the case. They could not explain how McCormick, who could not drive, ended up in a cornfield 20 miles from his home. 

McCormick was found with two handwritten ciphers in his pocket, and after 10 years of being unable to solve them internally, the FBI released them to the public. To this day, no one has been able to solve them. Ricky McCormick was a high school drop-out with an alleged undiagnosed mental or or psychiatric disorder, which has led people to wonder if he was even capable of writing advanced ciphers. No one has been able to make heads or tails of the note found on him, how or why he died, or how his body had undergone almost a month's worth of composition in three days. Mulder and Scully should get on this. 

That Time an Entire Boeing 727 Disappeared

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In 2003, an American aircraft mechanic and pilot named Ben Padilla went to Angola to supervise a team that was refurbishing on old Boeing 727. The job was successful and the plane was ready to leave the country, when suddenly something inexplicable happened. One night, when the plane taxied onto the runway for a regular engine test, it made an unauthorized takeoff and flew toward the Atlantic Ocean. No one has heard from either the plane or Ben Padilla ever since - which is odd, as it takes a crew of at least three to pilot a 727 and Padilla was not qualified to fly that type of aircraft in the first place. The FBI, CIA, and US Departments of State and Homeland Security all investigated and found nothing.