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Of the many Z-Fighters who protect Earth in the various Dragon Ball series, Krillin is probably the least respected. In fact, that might be putting it mildly. Lots of characters on DBZ get their butts kicked with regularity, but somehow only Krillin has picked up a reputation as a total punching bag. The jokes about Krillin getting beat up are so popular that the renowned fan parody Dragon Ball Z: Abridged keeps an on-screen count of the amount of times that Krillin gets “owned” throughout the series, and it reaches the dozens.

To say that Krillin is the worst Dragon Ball character, however, would definitely be a mistake. Despite his many beatings, Krillin has still managed to remain a fan favorite from his debut in the manga as Kuririn in 1985 to his role in Dragon Ball Super. Convincing fans that Krillin is a great character is not a difficult task, as he’s given folks plenty of reason to love him over the years. Making the argument that Krillin is the best character in the Dragon Ball series might seem tougher, but there are actually a litany of compelling reasons Krillin is the most admirable and well-developed character in the entire saga.

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He’s Around For The Entire Saga

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Krillin has been present for more of the Dragon Ball saga than anyone other than Goku. Krillin first showed up in the 25th issue of the manga in 1985, and he’s been by Goku’s side pretty much ever since.

Krillin was featured in the rest of Dragon Ball, all of Dragon Ball Z, the non-canon Dragon Ball GT, and the revival series Dragon Ball Super. Unlike other long-term characters like Bulma and Yamcha, Krillin did not really shrink into the background, but remained ready to fight whenever Earth needed protecting.

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He Rescues Gohan From Frieza

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Krillin is undoubtedly Goku’s best friend, and he’s also one of his most trustworthy allies. There is probably no one Goku trusts more with the life of his children, which is why Gohan has been left in Krillin’s care on more than one occasion.

Krillin proved himself as the world’s best babysitter a few times, like when he attacked the intergalactic warlord Frieza to save Gohan’s life. Krillin had already been impaled by Frieza’s horn, but he got back on his feet and launched a Destructo Disc just in time to save Gohan and cut off the villain’s tail.

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He’s The Strongest Human On Earth

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Krillin is obviously not the strongest character in the Dragon Ball saga, what with all of the Super Saiyans and fused Namekians flying around. However, according to series creator Akira Toriyama, Krillin is the “strongest among the Earthlings.” That means that if you discount all of the Saiyans, Namekians, androids, and other non-human beings, Krillin is the strongest fighter in the series.

That puts him above characters like Yamcha and Tien, and it's impressive no matter how you slice it. Krillin remains in training for much of the series, always pushing himself despite not having the same raw potential as his non-human colleagues.

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He Motivates Goku’s First Super Saiyan Transformation

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Krillin’s reputation as a punching bag who dies often is, weirdly, part of what makes him so awesome. Krillin has died on numerous occasions, including once during the original Dragon Ball series, but his most famous death occurs in the Frieza Saga.

The purple alien tyrant sadistically murdered Krillin in an attempt to infuriate his best friend, Goku, a move Frieza would come to regret. The death of Krillin enraged Goku like never before, prompting his first transformation into a Super Saiyan and the eventual defeat of Frieza.