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'Red Tails' movie quotes are the most memorable lines from the 2012 film based on the real-life Tuskegee Airmen - a group of black fighter pilots who flew countless missions during World War II. George Lucas ('Star Wars') is the executive producer of the movie. Lucas has said that he's tried to bring this story to the big screen for more than two decades. If you see your favorite 'Red Tails' quote on the list, vote it up. And if your personal favorite quote from 'Red Tails' isn't on the list, by all means, add it!

In 'Red Tails,' members of the Tuskegee Airmen battle more than just Germany. They battle the U.S. military which was, during World War II, segregated. 'Red Tails' stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as Major Emanuelle Stance, Terrence Howard as Colonel A.J. Bullard, Bryan Cranston as Major William Mortamus amd Gerald McRaney as General Luntz. Under Bullard's command, Major Stance and others in the Tuskegee Airmen's heroic 332nd Fighter Group conduct some of the most dangerous combat air missions during the war.

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Joe 'Lightning' Little: "From the last plane, to the last bullet, to the last minute, to the last man, we fight!"
Airmen: "We fight!"

"We fight!" became the rallying cry of the Red Tails, who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds and adversity to help the U.S. win World War II.
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We Fight

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Colonel A.J. Bullard: "We count our victories by the bombers we get to their targets, by the husbands we return to their wives, by the fathers we give back to their children. To the last minute, to the last man we fight. We fight!"

Colonel A.J. Bullard managed to motivate his men to fight despite everything. He never gave up, and neither did they. The Airmen flew the most successful fighter plane missions in World War II.
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Right to Fight

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Colonel A.J. Bullard: "We have a right to fight for our country, the same as every other American. We will not go away."

Colonel Bullard is absolutely correct. Every man has a right to fight for his country, no matter what. Bullard's tenacity helped to get the Red Tails their important, critical mission: Protecting groups of U.S. bombers from German war planes during combat missions.
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Changing the Fight

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General Luntz: "We need to change the way we fight. I need pilots who will put the bombers ahead of themeselves."

General Luntz (Gerald McRaney) realizes that something has got to give if his fighters are to win the war. The pilots who are willing to "put the bombers ahead of themselves" are the heroic, selfless Tuskegee Airmen.