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Republican Sex Scandals

Republican scandals list. Politics and sex scandals have made their way into both the Democratic Party and Republican Party. Regardless of whether or not it's election time, Republican sex scandals have consistently popped up. From Political John conservative to liberal adulterers, the two parties are pretty even in terms of sex scandals since 1976. Democrats have edged ahead in recent years. The Republican party led the way in the '80s and '90s with their multitude of sex scandals. Republicans are often conservative and publicly preach abstinence, so this makes it even more entertaining when they are involved in extramarital affairs. This politician list is full of dirty sex scandals. See the Democratic list for the other side of the aisle. After you read this Republican sex scandal list, leave a comment or share it with a friend. 

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    It is alleged that the hopeful Republican nominee for President sexually assaulted former subordinates when he was the head of the Restaurant Association. Up to 3 women have come forward surrounding the issues at hand, each with different allegations of a sexual nature.

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    Alleged to have paid a gay prostitute (known online as "Rentboy") for sex. Photos said to be from the encounter - showing Myers in only a pair of blue underpants - later surfaced online.

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    It is rumored that John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House and married father of two, had an alleged affair with lobbyist Lisbeth Lyons. In addition, he is also being accused of having an affair with Leigh LaMora, a press secretary to ex-Colorado Congressman Joel Hefley. But, it's important to keep in mind that these allegations are rumors at this point, but time will tell.

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    Allegedly agreed to pay a man named Kameryn Gibson $140 for a sexual encounter.

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    Christopher Lee

    Sent flirtatious e-mails and a shirtless photo in response to a personal ad of a single 34-year-old woman on Craigslist.

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