Richest Royals in the World People
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Richest Royals in the World

A list of the richest royals in the world, with photos. We regularly see royalty in the media with their money, pomp, and circumstance, but just how much money? After all, how financially powerful is the Queen of England compared to say, Bill Gates? (The Answer: Not Very...). While royalty may hold power and authority due to their bloodline, they certainly don't necessarily hold the financial clout. The Sultan of Brunei, known for his wealth and opulence wouldn't even rank in the top 20 of Forbes annual "Richest People" list.

Many of the people on this list are some of the most well known royals in the world. Their fame, naturally is superceded by their fortunes. These people are some of the richest on earth and that's saying a lot.

So how rich then are the members of the world's royal families compared to each other? This list answers that question.