Rock Stars Who Died at Age 30

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This list is composed of the greatest rock stars who died at the age of 30. They all died under different circumstances, but most fans and music lovers would agree that their deaths were untimely, cutting short their legacies. Despite this, these rock stars who passed away early are still remembered today and most likely won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Two of the greatest folk rock singers of all time had the misfortune to die at only 30 years old: Jim Croce and Jeff Buckley. The two had attained completely different levels of success in their lifetimes, however. By 30, Croce had already produced two Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hits: “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “Time in a Bottle.” Buckley, on the other hand, didn’t see such a level of success in his lifetime, although critics have hailed him as one of the greatest singers of all time since his death.

The causes of death among rock stars who died at 30 vary widely. Croce died in a plane crash, Buckley drowned in a river, and Criss Oliva, a founding member of the band Savatage, was killed by a drunk driver. And, of course, many rocks stars who died at only 30 years of age went the traditional rock and roll way: a drug overdose, often involving heroin.

No matter how they died, every rock star on this list, most would agree, passed away far too young. Fans cannot forget these great musicians, and for that, they each deserve a place on this list of rock stars who died at 30.

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