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Famous Role-playing Game Books and Novels Books
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Famous Role-playing Game Books and Novels

List of famous role-playing game books, listed alphabetically with jacket cover images of the books when available. Information for these popular role-playing game books is included as well, such as the author's name and the book's publication date. This list includes the best role-playing game novels, textbooks, and stories, so use it to find books you haven't already read and add them to your reading list.

This is a list that includes items like Ravenloft and Arms and Equipment Guide.

This list should answer the questions, "What are the best role-playing game books?" and "What are the most famous role-playing game books?"

Note that some items on this list might be currently out of print, but you can purchase most of these notable role-playing game titles on Amazon with just one click.
  1. 1
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    44: A Game of Automatic Fear

  2. 2
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    A Light in the Belfry

  3. 3
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    Academy of Secrets

    Brian Cortijo More
  4. 4
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    Adam's Wrath

  5. 5
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    Geoff Skellams, Aaron S. Rosenberg, Jeff Quinn More
  6. 6
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    Advanced Players Guide

  7. 7
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    Aerie of the Crow God

    Andrew Hind More
  8. 8

    Against the Cult of the Reptile God

  9. 9

    Against the Giants

    Gary Gygax More
  10. 10
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    Against the Giants - The Liberation of Geoff

  11. 11
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    Against the Iron Giant

  12. 12
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    Almanac of the Endless Traders

  13. 13
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    An Adventurer's Guide to Eberron

    Logan Bonner, Chris Sims More
  14. 14
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    Arcana Evolved

    Monte Cook More
  15. 15
    Monte Cook More
  16. 16
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    Arcana Unearthed

    Monte Cook More
  17. 17
    Jeff Quick, Jesse Decker, Eric Cagle More
  18. 18
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    Ashes at Dawn

    Neil Spicer More
  19. 19
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    Assault on Stormbringer Castle

  20. 20
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    Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords

    Allen Hammack More
  21. 21
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    Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game: 2nd Edition

    Ian Belcher, Gareth Hanrahan More
  22. 22
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    Barrow of the Forgotten King

    Ed Stark More
  23. 23
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    Basic Rulebook

  24. 24
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    Bastion of Broken Souls

  25. 25
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    Bestiary 2

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