Rolling Stone Magazine's 100 Greatest Vocalists of All Time Bands/Musicians
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Rolling Stone Magazine's 100 Greatest Vocalists of All Time

Rolling Stone's list of the 100 best singers of all-time includes some of the greatest vocalists in the history of recording. These top singers of all time range from rock to blues to soul and even pop music and is a round-up of some of the greatest singers ever to approach a microphone.

Who are the 100 greatest singers of all time? Among the notable singers of the current generation of singers like Kurt Cobain and Bono are some of the all time greatest vocalists the world has ever heard like Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury. This is the way that Rolling Stone Magazine ranked these talented singers, but feel free to make your own list of the top singers ever. Some of these talented singers may also be the richest singers in the world. Check out the full article here.
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  1. 26
    Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music More
  2. 27
    Outlaw country, Western music, Folk music More
  3. 28
    Blues-rock, Rock music, Folk music More
  4. 29
    Folk music, Rhythm and blues, Jazz More
  5. 30
    Hip hop music, Synthpop, New Wave More
  6. 31
    Chicago blues, Electric blues, Blues More
  7. 32
    Rock music, Alternative rock, Post-punk More
  8. 33
    Blues-rock, Blue-eyed soul, Rock music More
  9. 34
    Pop music, Dance-pop, Contemporary R&B More
  10. 35
    Blue-eyed soul, Pop music, Traditional pop music More
  11. 36
    Americana, Blues-rock, Heartland rock More
  12. 37
    Rock music, Experimental rock, Grunge More
  13. 38
    Pop music, Rock music, Piano rock More
  14. 39
    Rock music, Folk music, Folk rock More
  15. 40
    Psychedelic soul, Chicago soul, Rhythm and blues More
  16. 41
    Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll More
  17. 42
    Pop music, Folk music, Folk jazz More
  18. 43
    Country More
  19. 44
    Soul blues, Pop music, Rhythm and blues More
  20. 45
    Grunge, Alternative rock, Punk rock More
  21. 46
    Rock music, Swing music, Rockabilly More
  22. 47
    Blues-rock, Rock music, Acid rock More
  23. 48
    Lubbock sound, Rock music, Rockabilly More
  24. 49
    Blues-rock, Pop music, Chicago soul More
  25. 50
    Blues-rock, Blue-eyed soul, Pop music More

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