12 Romantic Comedy Cliches That Give Men False Hope Films

12 Romantic Comedy Cliches That Give Men False Hope

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List of romantic comedy cliches most notoriously aimed at making men think dating / marriage is one big laugh riot. Everyone loves to hate romantic comedies for their over-the-top moments and predictable cliches, which are so unlike real life. What’s even more illusory about romantic comedies is that they give men false hope when it comes to attracting or keeping the opposite sex. Check out the cliches below and make sure not to make the mistake of believing them too easily because love and even hooking up, is rarely that simple.
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    She’ll agree to a threesome.

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    Even though it’s a very well-written and directed film by Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona goes farther than most romantic comedies with a threesome between Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson. At first Bardem’s new girlfriend Johansson, who has moved in with him for her one-month stay in Barcelona, is jealous of his history with the mentally unstable but artistically talented Penelope Cruz. Suddenly, the two women are going out into the city to work on Johansson’s photography and Johansson becomes "what was missing" in Bardem and Cruz’s relationship. It would take a very open-minded pair of women to make this fantasy happen.

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