12 Romantic Comedy Cliches That Give Men False Hope Films
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12 Romantic Comedy Cliches That Give Men False Hope

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List of romantic comedy cliches most notoriously aimed at making men think dating and marriage is one big laugh riot. Everyone loves to hate romantic comedies for their over-the-top moments and predictable storylines, which are so unlike real life.

What’s even more illusory about romantic comedies is that they give men false hope when it comes to attracting or keeping the opposite sex. Check out the cliches below and make sure not to make the mistake of believing them too easily because love and even hooking up, is rarely that simple.

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    If you give her love advice about another guy, she’ll end up falling for you.

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    Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth and Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor go to extreme lengths to get the girl. Butler helps Katherine Heigl win over her sexy doctor neighbor by accompanying her to get a makeover, practicing seduction techniques, and even communicating with her through an ear piece while she’s on a date. Dempsey humiliates his masculinity by agreeing to be Michelle Monaghan’s maid of honor and going through the wedding preparations.

    Of course, these women eventually realize that the men they’re currently with aren’t "the one." In real life, she wouldn’t be asking you for advice about another guy if she wanted you. Chances are she’s genuinely asking your opinion about the guy she’s currently into, and it isn’t you.

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