Sasha Grey's Top 5 Movies of All Time

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Sasha Grey, an actress known for her roles in adult films, picks her top 5 favorite movies of all time. In addition to her adult films, Grey had a recurring role playing herself in the role of Vince's girlfriend on HBO's Entourage. Sasha Grey's choices for best videos speak to her aspirations to be more of a mainstream actress as you'll see in the choices she makes when naming Sasha Grey's best movies.

What are Sasha Grey's favorite movies? The sexy adult actress names her picks for best movie in an interview and it seems these selections for Sasha Grey's top movies are just the tip of her movie loving iceberg. This list was taken from Rotten Tomatoes interview with the actress. You can see the full interview here.
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    "I think Kurt Russel was one of my first crushes ever... AS Snake Plissken, though. He's the idolized superhero-supervillain. He's kind of one of those guys that you're not supposed to like, but you love."
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    "Like most of the films I mentioned this captured the raw, true, emotion between a couple.

    Especially for Cassevettes put his own wife in it is... another huge risk.

    It's kind of like that crazy couples everybody knows, could be your next door neighbor, but you're not gonna tell anybody..."
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    "To me this is an amazing romantic film. Don't know if everybody would look at it that way, but to me it's very romantic and it's definitely a film dealing with escapism and that's wonderful. I mean anybody who doesn't escapism once in a while...

    And there's one particular scene in the film where [lead acress] is laying on the beach and looks over at Jean-Paul's character and just says 'f**k me'.

    For the time period you didn't expect to see that in this film and it's completely titilating and I know it turned me on. "
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    "It's such an interesting story. You're dealing with these characters in such a raw way. You have this young girl who wants to lose her virginity and it's really twisted and actually kind of messed up. In the end you don't really feel sorry for these characters and it's even more powerful that a woman directed it."
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    "Stroszek, by Werner Herzog (or "Verner Herzog"), is a beautiful film. It's a story about a struggling musician who cares about the people around him and doesn't judge the people around him"
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