Scariest TV Shows on the Air TV Programs
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Scariest TV Shows on the Air

TV horror shows are often hard to really get into due to commercial breaks. A scare TV show really comes out of nowhere when you find one, making it that much more frightening. If you want to be scared, these are the scariest TV shows to watch. Caution: you'll probably want to leave the lights on for some of these, and maybe turn the lights off for others.
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    Most of the time they Ghost Hunters team doesn't catch any evidence of real significance, but as you'll see in this compilation video, when they do find something, it's beyond creepy.
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    "Fringe" is more bizarre-scary than scream-out-loud scary but it's certainly a show worth checking out. The clip provided here offers a great example of the kind of fear-inducing moments "Fringe" creates. It's not very long, so watch the whole thing, and whatever you do, don't skip the end.
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    This is one of those shows where you'll probably want to keep the lights off, or simply turn off your TV altogether. It's just frighteningly bad.
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    The Happening

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