TMI Facts About Scarlett Johansson's Sex Life

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Scarlett Johansson has landed on so many "Hottest Women Alive" lists, we've lost count. With her striking features and shapely body, it's no wonder she's the source of so many men's fantasies. But the sexy starlet's personal sex life might be totally different than the vixen she usually plays in the movies! Take a look at these sex facts about Scarlett Johansson, and discover the similarities and differences in her on screen and real life personas. 
Despite her come hither looks and seductive photo shoots, Scarlett Johansson may turn out to be a total good girl. On this list of sex facts, you'll find out that she doesn't like to reveal too much about her sexual identity, and that when she's got a boyfriend, she stays loyal. She also feels very strongly about sexual health and sex education in America. Who knew our girl was so smart on top of all that sexy?

Read this list of ScarJo sex facts so you can trump all your pimply, pre pubescent, horny teenage friends with the NSFW knowledge of what she's REALLY like under the sheets.
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