Scary Skinny Actresses I'd Like To Give A Sandwich To Actors

Scary Skinny Actresses I'd Like To Give A Sandwich To

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Preferably a large sandwich. With a side of chips. And a cookie. And a soda. A regular soda. With extra sugar.

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    Paris Hilton
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    She definitely could use a samich. Or five. Or 9,0210. Get it? I'm hilarious...
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    Honestly, I feel kind of bad putting her on my list. Clearly, she's kind of a mess. But, she's a mess that needs a nice big piece of cake. Or something...
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    She was so cute in her D's Child days. Now, she's just too skinny. C'mon Isaac Mizrahi -- give this girl a sandwich!
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    Anne Hathaway
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    Okay, she's not scary skinny. But, sometimes she can take the whole skinny thing too far. I just think she looks better with a little meat on her. Stay strong size six sisters!
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