The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017

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Every year, the brilliant minds of science are making new discoveries that inspire us to learn more about our natural surroundings from everything microscopic to outer space. Thanks to the world's best scientists and researchers, these scientific breakthroughs of 2017 push the boundaries of what we thought we already knew about life on Earth. If you're curious about our progress in science, check out the list of scientific breakthroughs in 2016

These 2017 scientific discoveries are not only educational and informative, but they are also surprisingly amazing! If you want to catch up with this year's breakthroughs in science, this list has it all, including photos, videos, and other detailed info. 

Ready to fill your brain with the latest science news? Start reading this list of the biggest discoveries in science and tech of 2017! 

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    PMS Could Be More Tolerable with New Molecular Discovery

    Researchers at the National Institute of Health discovered a new molecular mechanism that might be the cause of severe premenstrual syndrome known as PMDD.

    The discovery, reported in January, shows women who suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder have a difference in their molecular biology responsible for controlling sex hormones. Researchers experimented with this theory by turning off estrogen and progesterone in test subjects, which caused the severe symptoms to disappear.

    Scientists now believe PMDD has a molecular response to these two hormones. They're now working on creating a treatment for women with PMDD to manage their symptoms. 

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    Roadkill May Hold the Key to Better Human Health

    Talk about the ultimate irony: the key to better human health might, in fact, lie in the bodies of dead animals strewn along the road. At least, that's what a team of researchers in Oklahoma believe.

    In January, scientists from the University of Oklahoma said they've been studying roadkill and the communities of microorganisms that live inside them to unlock possible cures for human diseases. They study the bacteria and other organisms inside the animal and their effects on health and wellbeing. Scientists are hoping to produce a diverse range of microbiomes to study. Microbiomes in humans already are inclined to stave off various types of illness and disease. Researchers believe studying the microbiomes of these dead animals could unlock they survive, and also open a window into where their defenses fill in gaps in the human defenses. 

    The scientists said using roadkill as test subjects also helps them avoid testing on live animals, and it gives them a variety of animals to choose from - everything from deer, possums, raccoons, and even skunks. 

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    A New Pill Might Help People Who Binge Drink

    Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center say they've discovered a new way to help binge drinkers: a pill.

    Scientists studied the genomes of light, moderate, and heavy drinkers. They focused their research on a specific gene and found those who had a variation inside the gene drank significantly less than the others.

    The gene itself probably evolved from human contact with alcohol for thousands of years, according to the researchers. During testing, mice who were given the variation hormone were more likely to drink water than alcohol. Mice in the control group were more likely to drink alcohol.

    Scientists are now taking the variation hormone attached to that gene and creating a drug for human consumption. They're hopeful their new discovery will help combat alcoholism and binge drinking. 

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