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SeaWorld Shows

SeaWorld shows are popular attractions at all of the SeaWorld parks, located in Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California, and San Antonio, Texas. Shows vary from park to park, but visitors always have lots of fun options. From sea lions to dolphins to Shamu, SeaWorld incorporates marine life into every one of it's shows, offering audience members laughs, gasps and, plenty of smiles for kids and adults alike. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular SeaWorld shows around!

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    SeaWorld San Antonio's Azul show features stunning beluga whales, dolphins and exotic birds, all performing alongside graceful acrobats. The elaborate and entertaining show allows the audience to revel in the beauty of marine life and the actrobats as they both soar to new heights.

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    Blue Horizons

    The Blue Horizons SeaWorld show is held regularly at the parks in Orlando and San Diego. This show features beautiful and graceful dolphins, pilot whales and birds - along with animal trainers and acrobats. The show tells the story of a young girl who uses her imagination to dream up a world where dancing dolphins and exotic birds travel with her through their habitats: the oceans and the skies.

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    Cirque de la Mer

    Cirque de la Mer at SeaWorld in San Diego is a highly theatrical show that features talented aerialists and colorfully dressed acrobats performing dazzling feats inside the park's Cirque Stadium. The show incorporates elaborate special effects and music to provide a highly entertaining visual feast for the audience.

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    Shamu Show: Believe

    The Shamu show 'Believe' offers visitors to SeaWorld San Diego and San Antonio the chance to marvel in the wonder of the killer whales. The show tells the inspirational story of a young boy who has a unique bond with the whales.

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    Shamu Rocks!

    The Shamu Rocks! shows are held at all three U.S. SeaWorld parks, offering visitors the chance to see Shamu the killer whale up close and personally. Shamu Rocks! is an after-dark, high-energy show that features live rock music, countless, colorful lights and other digital media to offer a feast for the eyes. Oh, and Shamu - he's front and center, of course!

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    A Beluga Story

    SeaWorld San Antonio's A Beluga Story is a touching look at the magnificent beluga whales and the Pacific white-sided dolphins. During the show, SeaWorld's animal trainers share stories about these majestic mammals and discuss specifics about how they live and thrive in our oceans.

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