conspiracies 13 Secret Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight in Washington, DC  

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America's capitol is full of symbols. But not all of those images are purely patriotic. For every starred and striped flag and noble bad eagle, there are hidden symbols that lurk in every corner of Washington, DC. Once you know what you're looking for, you'll start seeing these secret symbols everywhere.

Masonic symbols in Washington, DC are some of the easiest to spot - just look up at the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, or the Pentagon. Perhaps that's not surprising, considering how many of the Founding Fathers were Masons. But other DC symbols might represent less mainstream groups. Some people believe that symbols of the occult, the Illuminati, and Satanic societies are dotted throughout the city.

A few of these rumors are easy to debunk. Other stories of secret symbols in Washington, DC are grounded in fact. Regardless of what you believe, these tales add an especially intriguing dimension to this historic region.

The Washington Monument Is A Satanic Obelisk

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Obelisks have been built since ancient times. But why did Robert Mills and the Washington National Monument Society choose this shape to memorialize America's first president? Some people believe that obelisks are phallic symbols that have great meaning to the Freemasons. The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall, or 6,660 inches - close to the biblical "mark of the beast," 666.

However, skeptics point to the classical resurgence of the 18th century as a more logical explanation than Satanism for the monument's shape. The Founding Fathers took inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman architecture for their young country, and the monument fits right in with the city's other buildings.

The Streets Form A Pentagram With The White House At Its Apex

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If you look at a map of Washington, DC, you'll see that the area encompassing the White House, its lawn, and many of the surrounding streets looks like a pentagram, or five sided star. It's not an exact one; a perfect pentagram has five equal sides, and the one formed in DC does not.

According to some, an inverted pentagram has Satanic meanings, and in fact, one with a goat's head drawn within it is the symbol of the Church of Satan. People who believe that this symbol truly does appear in the map of DC refer to it as the "goat head" and think that Freemasons also played a part in the city's design. However, Pierre L'Enfant, who laid out the streets on this grid, wasn't a mason. It's possible that he thought this design would make the city easy to navigate.

Pennsylvania And Maryland Avenues Are Aligned To Specific Days

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Falling in June and December, the solstices mark the longest and shortest days of the year. Many ancient structures were designed to align with these dates, as well as those of the equinoxes, which fall in between in March and September.

Some people claim that DC's Pennsylvania and Maryland Avenues are aligned with cross-quarter days that fall in between the solstices and equinoxes. These days align with the beginnings of four different "fixed" zodiac signs, according to astrologers: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Cross-quarter days were reportedly important to the Freemasons, too.

The Grounds Of The Capitol Building Form An Owl

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If you look closely, the layout of the Capitol Building's grounds resembles an owl. The pathways, gardens, and even the placement of the building all form the animal when viewed from a particular angle.

An owl has several important connotations - it is associated with the Greek goddess Athena. According to mythology, Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and she is the goddess of wisdom, something that was seemingly important to the Founding Fathers.

The Roundabouts Symbolize The Number 666

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There are three main roundabouts in the inner section of Washington, DC: Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle. They each have six roads leading to them, leading some to believe that they make up the number of the devil, 666.

Roundabouts are used to alleviate traffic at congested intersections, especially those where an unusual number of roads meet. Some cities even have laws specifying when they should be used. The ones in DC could be a sign of devil-worshipping government leaders, but it's entirely possible that they are simply a way of making the traffic flow better.

The Goddess Isis Sits Above The Capitol Building

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Photo: Thomas Crawford/via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

The Statue of Freedom sits on top of the Capitol Building. The bronze figure wears a military helmet, and holds a sword, a laurel wreath, and a shield. The statue is an allegory for the United States, and is similar to Columbia, another personification of the ideals held by the country.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the statue is actually the Egyptian goddess Isis. However, Isis is traditionally depicted with an ankh in one hand and a throne-shaped headdress.

The Rotunda Of The Capitol Building Shows George Washington Becoming A God

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The inside of the rotunda of the Capitol Building contains a painted fresco called the Apotheosis of Washington. It was painted in 1865 by Constantino Brumidi, who previously worked at the Vatican. Some theorists believe that it shows Washington, draped in regal purple robes, becoming a god.

This theory is true: apotheosis actually means ascending to a god-like status. The allegorical piece also features 13 maidens, which represent the 13 original colonies. The group is flanked by Roman gods and goddesses, including Neptune, Mercury, Columbia, Minerva, and Mercury.

The Pentagon Is A Satanic Symbol Of Infinity

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The Pentagon takes its name from its unique shape - a five sided pentagon, or pentagram. However, some people believe that its infinite design (as it is a pentagram surrounded by other, slightly large concentric pentagrams) is a sign of the occult.

In reality, the Pentagon was built during the term of President Roosevelt. The unique shape maximizes space.