6 Serial Killers Who Were Sexually Abused

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List of serial killers who were sexually abused. When a person is revealed to be a serial killer, many people like to delve into their childhoods to see just what went wrong. What happened in their formative years that could have affected their minds? Were their bad childhoods linked to their crimes? These types of questions sometimes lead to revelations about negative childhood experiences that these serial killers faced. Sometimes, violent perpetrators experienced violent crimes from an early age. Serial killers who have sexual components to their murders sometimes dealt with sexual abuse in their childhood.


The serial killers on this list have admitted to being sexually abused in their past. Whether it was used in their defense when on trial for their lives or came out after the fact, these vicious killers dealt with unimaginable hardships from an early age. While there’s no definitive link between sexual abuse and future violent behavior, it played a part in the mind of a killer.


What serial killers were molested? How did it factor into their crimes? This list begins to answer those questions and more.

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