17 Sexiest Game of Thrones Moments Anything
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17 Sexiest Game of Thrones Moments

List Criteria: CAUTION! These are the actual videos from the show and are therefore SUPER NSFW! You have been warned!

Fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones" already know that nudity is a staple of the medieval series, and when it comes to sexy scenes, there are plenty to talk about. Featuring some of the hottest women of GoT (as well as some of the sexiest men), the sexiest moments on "Game of Thrones" will make you want to renounce technology and find a way to exist in the lust-filled, debaucherous world created by George R. R. Martin.

The hottest GoT moments include hook-ups that felled kingdoms, teaching moments in the art of seduction and sex, and well, lots and lots of nakedness from anyone that appears on screen. Be sure that the sexy "Game of Thrones" video clips are NSFW, and make sure not to drool all over your keyboard while rewatching some of the sexiest scenes from "Game of Thrones".

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    Dani Targaryan Learns How to Please Her Khal

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    During her transition from Danerys Targaryen to Khaleesi, the new head of the Dothraki gets a lesson in lovin' from her handmaid, Doreah, who pleasured men for a living once upon a time. She teaches the Khaleesi first hand (and second) the ways to use sex to control the Khal and make him see her as his equal.  

    Oh, and Doreah is kind of a teach by doing sort of girl, so uh, well girl-on-girl...

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