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Sexy Scarlet Witch Pictures

The hottest images and pictures of Scarlet Witch, ranked by die hard comic book fans. Drawing Scarlet Witch has always brought out the best in comic book artists, with her revealing, skin-tight costumes perfectly showing off her outrageous curves and beautiful shape. Though Scarlet Witch has always been tough, and even a badass depending on the era and specific author, she balances her raw strength and superpowers with femininity, sexiness and style.

Sexy drawings of heroines and female villains has become something of a controversy in the comic world, and more generally in entertainment. Specifically, many women point to double standards in how female characters - even formidable, heroic female icons - are presented in comics, which tend to highlight their body parts and make them sex objects for male readers regardless of how this fits in to the story. Specifically, when "The Avengers" film was released, many comic fans pointed to the posters featuring the character of Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson), who was featured in a silly and unnatural pose meant to highlight her figure, particularly her butt.

This list contains sexy images and reimaginings of Scarlet Witch from throughout comic history. Be sure to vote on the hottest interpretations of Scarlet Witch on the list, and don't forget to check out and vote on Ranker's overall list of the sexiest comic book females of all time.
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    Scarlet Witch in Strapless Corset with Long Skirt

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