Shake Shack Secret Menu Items

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Popular in New York City, Shake Shack rivals the ever-popular In-N-Out Burger in more ways than one, including by offering their own hush-hush Shake Shack secret menu. These off-menu items will tantalize your taste buds like never before by combining sweet and savory flavorings, something even the special In-N-Out secret menu cannot claim.

Shake Shack can accomplish this feat with their slightly larger menu including ice creams, hot dogs and even alcohol. But like other secret menus from rival fast food establishments, getting the individual restaurant to prepare these specialty items is often half the battle. Sure they have the ingredients, but asking nicely and getting an easy going cashier helps tremendously.

What are the best options on Shake Shack's secret menu? When all else fails, order the ingredients to reproduce these Shake Shack special menu items separately and assemble these tasty treats yourself. Trust us, once you eat off the secret menu, you'll never go back.
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