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Infamous British Serial Killers

Every famous British serial killer is listed here by their number of murders. Famous English serial killers - and some foreign-born - top this list of infamous killers in the UK. Shocking murders, infamous crimes, famous victims - these cases of serial killers in England have it all. These British murderers have many victims to their name and have done monstrous crimes that are even hard to imagine.

Who are the most famous British serial killers? This list features British murderers from the 20th century and years prior. If you're interested in more on serial killers, check out the most famous American serial killers, the most notable female serial killers, and art imitating life with the greatest fictional serial killers.

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    AKA "Moors Murderers"

    Murdered five kids, aged btw 10 and 17, then buried them in Saddleworth Moor

    Age: 77
    Birthplace: Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Ian Brady : see more

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