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california Things That Happen When You Move from SoCal to NorCal  

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Moving out of California may not be an option for you, but perhaps moving within is more than acceptable. Most would scoff at what a minor transition that move may be, but would be surprised at how drastically it can change your perception. The NorCal-SoCal rivalry is alive and well and when you move from one to the other, you're likely to get into it on more than one occasion. But when you're a fish out of your warm, LA waters, you'll likely spend most of your time struggling to adapt to all the fog that the Bay has shrouded you in. There are some things that are sure to happen to you when you move from SoCal to NorCal. You'll never be prepared, but get ready to brace yourself.
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You realize California actually does have weather!

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Global warming is real. But NorCal has you second guessing this because you've never been this cold. You can't remember the last time you saw rain in this drought, and now you can't remember the last time you felt the sun.
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You realize how huge California really is.

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Six hours of non-stop driving and somehow you've only managed to travel a third of California's terrain. Making that move to NorCal really pops that SoCal bubble, revealing a slew of opportunities you haven't been taking advantage of. What have you been doing this whole time?

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Your lungs improve and you can suddenly breathe again.

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You can finally take off your gas mask because the thick layer of toxic oil in the sky is now gone. You can finally step outside without taking in that smoggy air filled with remnants of the last Avian Bird Flu. It is a glorious, refreshing experience.

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You struggle to find a decent burrito.

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People will take you for Mexican food. They will assure you that this place is actually legit and is the best in town. But every time you are disappointed. Every burrito in the Bay is subpar in comparison to SoCal Mexican. You smile and nod, but deep down you feel the loss each time you take a bite.
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You learn what public transportation is.

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Public transportation may as well not exist where you're from. The only thing that could possibly take longer than driving is letting someone else drive. Suddenly, you're surrounded by all sorts of options to get to work. And you don't mind taking a break from driving for once.
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You lose your sun-kissed skin.

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You are pale, pasty white. Your perma-tan is no more. It's no longer viable or sustainable to wear shorts and tank tops out for everyday activities. Suddenly, you lose all signs of vitamin D and vitality, succumbing to a ghost-like image of your former, sun-loving self.
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Everyone assumes you're from LA.

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And maybe you are! Though it seems like anyone who lives even remotely near Los Angeles will stretch the truth to claim representation, SoCal has a lot more to offer than that one nightmare of a city. SoCal even has some of the best beach towns the country has to offer.

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You meet people who don't work in entertainment.

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It's difficult to find anyone who isn't "working on a script" or jumping from PA job to PA job. But once you travel north, you meet people who aren't auditioning for Big Brother for once. It's refreshing until you realize that everyone just works in tech instead, and conversations begin to repeat themselves all the same.