Songs That Involuntarily Make me Cry Songs

Songs That Involuntarily Make me Cry

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And when I say involuntarily, I mean my attempts to stop crying fail. I have to walk out the room to prevent or stop this. But it doesn't necessarily mean I'm crying because I'm sad, this is often due to how beautiful the song is.
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    This song is just so beautiful, my body immediately reacts to the song whatever state I'm in. For some reason, I think about how Denver died in a plane crash, which doesn't actually help. The peaceful, soft, smooth tune and sweet lyrics, sung in Denver's voice always makes me break down.
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    Ditto with this one. It's wonderfully slow and relaxing, but also makes you think. The lyrics fit neatly into the tune provided.
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    This one really gets me. The video makes it feel even sadder, but there are certain aspects of the music that really express feelings - particularly the bit near the end, where Avril adds some powerful emotion and we get a clearer view of a few lives of people. But mostly it hits me when at the beginning where there's a lovely melody, and when after so much effort goes into expressing these emotions, she says: 'I miss you'.
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    The unique voice against a tune that sounds like it came from heaven. It always makes me think of people who are in such unfortunate circumstances, particularly losing a friend.
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    This is mostly due to the fact that a friend of mine passed away a few years ago, and the sweet melody combined with the mournful yet powerfully emotive lyrics really gets to me.
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