24 Sports Teams Killed in Airplane Crashes Sports Teams

24 Sports Teams Killed in Airplane Crashes

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Because of the intense amount of travel involved in a traditional sporting season, a large amount of aviation accidents have killed professional, amateur and collegiate sports teams. One of the most famous incidents involved the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, a chartered flight carrying an entire rugby team that went down in the Andes in 1972, and became the basis for a best-selling book and later a film called "Alive." But numerous other teams have suffered catastrophic losses in the same fashion, including the clubs and organizations mentioned on the below list.

So what teams have died in plane crashes? This list will give you every team that has unfortunately perished in a wreck.
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    43 dead in September 7, 2011, plane crash near the city of Yaroslavl. Casualties included former NHL All-Star Pavol Demitra, former NHL defenseman Brad McCrimmon and 2 members of the 2010 World Championship Czech team, Jan Marek and Josef Vasicek.

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    All 18 footballers, including Efford Chabala and Wisdom Mumba Chansa

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    All 18 skaters, coaches, and judges

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    29 players, staff and fans

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    18 players, club officials, and journalists

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