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Sports That Deserve More Fans

List Criteria: Non-mainstream sports only

Sports the deserve more fans are the under-appreciated sports and the underrated sports that are action-packed and interesting, but not really mainstream. These sports include Olympic sports, regional sports and even some really bizarre sports but all share one thing in common: They are all worthy of a much larger fan base than they currently have.

Some of these sports have a good following already but the potential of the following of these sports could be much larger. Beach volleyball is moderately popular but could easily be much more popular, especially bikini beach volleyball with male fans. Snowboarding is big in the extreme sport world but, despite being really awesome, does not get the credit it deserves.

Others are simply just not well known, and not because they're not deserving of a large fan base. Turkish oil wrestling is a sport like none other, complete with hot, greasy men, but is currently only a regional favorite. Fencing is often written off as an ancient boring sport but attend a match in person and you just might change your mind.

All of these sports feature well-trained athletes competing against each other, and sometimes 2,000-pound animals, but none of them get the credit they deserve. The next time you're looking for something new, check out one of these sports that deserve more fans and you may just become their next new number-one supporter. Have a sport you love that you want to share with the world? Tell us by adding that sport below!
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    added by KirkSaw If bowling is on this list, a sport that get higher TV ratings in the U.S over NHL hockey, hockey sure needs to be here! Tennis is also higher profile in America, as is arena ...

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    added by KirkSaw

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    often listed & added by KirikoKiama

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    ranked low on reranks & added by seelee Major League Soccer in North America

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    added by Uber

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    Australian Rules Football

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    added by KirkSaw

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    added by sebbzor

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    added by EricWilliams Hurling

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    added by dmer.the.nerdfighter

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    often listed & added by KirkSaw Steeplechase (human/ track)

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    ranked low on reranks & added by Lucas_McCain

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    added by dmer.the.nerdfighter

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    added by dmer.the.nerdfighter Archery

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    added by Dave_7672 Women's NCAA Gymnastics

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    added by ZorikhLequidre

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