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Starbucks Secret Menu Items

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A full list of Starbucks secret menu items. What's on then Starbucks hidden menu? All off-menu Starbucks drinks are listed here so you can make the morning wait just a little bit longer for everybody. Does Starbucks have a secret menu? Sort of. Some of the drinks on the Starbucks hidden menu list are a combination of other drinks while other secret Starbucks drinks pay homage to original creations in Italy or Paris. Think you know everything about Starbucks coffee? This Starbucks secret drink menu list will prove you wrong! But, if you're not quite in the mood for coffee the McDonald's hidden menu items has a couple delicious looking items that might quench your thirst. You could even try out the Jamba Juice hidden menu items if you're in need of some healthy alternatives in your life... I know I could definitely use some healthy alternatives in my life!
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    Short Cappuccino

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    The original and Italian version of the drink, a "Short" cappuccino has less milk and a stronger flavor.

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