The Cast of Step by Step: Where Are They Now?

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Sure, The Brady Bunch probably holds the title of most popular show about a blended family, but Step by Step might have taken in from the Bradys for a few years in the '90s. Certainly one of the best TGIF shows of the era, Step by Step had a huge cast, with lots of memorable characters. So what is the Step by Step cast up to now?

Starring Patrick Duffy as Frank Lambert and Suzanne Somers as Carol Foster, these two single parents, lost their inhibitions (and minds) in Jamaica and decided to get married much like a lot of really drunk celebrities do. Back in their fictional world of Port Washington the Step by Step TV show followed what came next, which was mostly their respective children (who don’t like each other) being like, “Wut?!" And then the hijinks and lessons of the week ensued.  

The show came about because the television production company Lorimar contractually owed Duffy a show after Dallas ended. So producers came up with putting together two of the most popular TV actors of the late '70s and early '80s, along with the most popular teen actors of the 90s to create a soufflé of family TV-viewing awesomeness. The show ran for seven seasons.  

But where are all the Lamberts and Fosters today? Cody, Al, Dana, and JT have all gone on to many different ranges of success, failure, and just plain getting out of Hollywood altogether. So where is the cast of Step by Step now? Read on to find out!
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