Stepchildren Who Killed Their Stepparents

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Whenever someone is senselessly killed, it's tragic. No matter what the circumstances, any murder is more than enough to tear a family apart. However, when the killer and the deceased are both family members of the same family, the damage and pain can be tenfold. Most stepchildren love, or at the very least tolerate, their stepparents. Unfortunately, there are more than a few instances of stepchildren who killed their stepparents. 

No family wants to think that it's a possibility. Sometimes the murder occurs as a result of abuse or neglect from the stepparents. Other times, the stepchild is just not wired correctly and really no one is to blame.

Often, the stepkids who murdered their parents remain a mystery, with no known motive. One day they seem fine, and then suddenly it seems that everything goes wrong. Retrospectively, there are often telltale signs like animal abuse and a lack of empathy and remorse. No matter how it happens, though, one thing is for certain - the lives of everyone involved are changed forever when a stepchild murders their stepparents. 

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