Steve-O’s Funniest Talk Show Appearances Anything
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Steve-O’s Funniest Talk Show Appearances

Steve-O's funniest talk show appearances and other funny videos show just how humorous and borderline insane the "Jackass" star really is. From intentionally trying to injure himself on a Comedy Central Roast to acting like a drunken fool on late night talk shows, Steve-O rarely fails to offer hilarious interviews and other memorable television appearances.

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, more commonly known as simply Steve-O, got his start as a member of the MTV stunt franchise "Jackass" on which Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and others would humor, offend and disgust audiences with their dangerous and just bizarre stunts and activities. Yes, this is a man known best for stapling his scrotum to his leg.

Just as many of those stunts were performed while Steve-O was under the influence of one or more drugs or alcoholic beverages, many of this early television interviews and appearances featured the comic heavily intoxicated and acting a fool. The old Steve-O had no problem trashing the set when appearing on "The Adam Carolla Show" or getting kicked off the set of the "Gene Simmons Roast."

But in 2008, Steve-O made a life-changing decision to get sober and has never looked back. He proved that he can still be ridiculously funny without all the chemicals. Steve-O also showed us that just because he's not wasted, he's still willing to do crazy things, such as when he tried twice to break his own nose by running head first into Mike Tyson's fist on the 2011 "Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen."

Whatever Steve-O is doing, be it appearing in the "Jackass" films, on his own television shows or promoting his 2011 book "Professional Idiot," Steve-O can always be relied upon for a good laugh and these videos of Steve-O's funniest television appearances show just that.

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    Steve-O Breaks His Nose at the Charlie Sheen Roast

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    Steve-O's Speech at the Charlie Sheen Roast

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    Steve-O on MTV Cribs

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    Steve-O on Loveline

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    Steve-O Trashed on the Adam Carolla Show

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    Steve-O on The Howard Stern Show

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