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Subway Secret Menu Items

The complete list of Subway secret menu items. These hidden Subway menu items are not only secret things to order, but also secret requests you didn't know you could have. From the way the sandwicher slices your bread to how much meat is hanging off the edges, the Subway secret menu list helps you know just how demanding you can actually be. These Subway off-menu items will definitely give you a sub sandwich like no other. If you find yourself in a food coma, I'd suggest checking out the Starbucks hidden menu items to get a little caffeinated because nobody likes a couch potato right? Actually I have no idea if people dislike couch potatoes but in the meantime check out these nachos on the Chipotle hidden menu items list. I'm sure those will fulfill your munchies.

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    Pizza Sub

    It's a puzzle why it's not on the regular menu, but the fan-favorite Pizza Sub consists of tomato sauce, salami/pepperoni and cheese on any choice of bread.

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    The Old Cut

    Hey, it's your bread, you get to decide how it's handled. With "the old cut," the bread is not sliced but dug into like a trench. This distributes the cold cut and veggies better for maximum enjoyment.

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    The Wing Effect

    There's a name to your quirky ways! The Wing Effect satisfies the pre-nibbles with bologna hanging the sides of the sandwich instead of tucked in.

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