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culture 13 Worst Things About Being A Super Sensitive Person

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Harnessing an array of emotions isn't easy, especially in a world driven by freedom of speech where people are growing increasingly carefree with their words. Does crying or expressing vulnerability automatically make someone weak? Sometimes sensitive folks are simply being too sensitive, but their delicate personalities can’t be to blame every time a tear falls from their cheek.

This list is dedicated to those brave soldiers who wear their hearts on their sleeves and walk this Earth without the desire to put on a brave face each morning. These are the uncontrollable quirks of being a highly sensitive person.

You enjoy playfully teasing your friends, but can't stand being teased yourself.

This is how you get the reputation of being someone who can dish it out but can’t take it. Sensitive people are also moody, and you can never know when the next rainstorm will hit. One minute it's all harmless fun and games, but the next, it goes one step too far. Remember, humor is subjective.

It’s easier for you to stick up for other people than to defend yourself.

Sensitive people are not necessarily quiet or shy. They have a voice just like everyone else, and they want it to be heard. Sensitive souls take matters of the heart very seriously, so they won't stand to see their friends and family picked on.

You replay negative situations in your head and carry a lot of guilt.

Rumination usually occurs at night when you’d rather be sleeping. You lie awake for hours thinking of all the things you could have done differently and it drives you crazy. These lingering feelings can stick with you for days or even years depending on how hard the moment hit you.

You know better than to read the comments.

At the end of the day, who really cares what someone thinks of you, right? Opinions are not meant to be taken as facts, but sensitive people have a hard time rationalizing other people's assessments. If a sensitive person doesn't get enough "likes" on a certain selfie, they will automatically jump to the rash conclusion that they're ugly and friendless. They also have a hard time letting rude comments roll off their backs.

People mistake your sensitivity for being a pushover.

Whether you're a pushover or not, bullies are in for a rude awakening when they realize it's both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. Warding off teasers is your speciality because you're equal parts warrior and worrier.

You require drastic measures to get over a breakup.

You can’t just go out on a drinking binge with your best friends like most others. No, you've got to come up with some seriously creative ways to get over an ex. Blocking them from every social media app isn't good enough. Try burning the gifts they bought you around a s'mores bonfire or taking a baseball bat to their fancy car - just don't get arrested.

You try to bottle up hurt feelings, but eventually they’ve got to come out.

Not only can your explosion of pent-up feelings be overly aggressive, it can be directed at someone who doesn’t deserve it. What you truly need is a moment of catharsis - a moment of pure emotional release. Bottling up negative emotions makes you a ticking time bomb.

Certain songs can put you in a super emotional state of mind.

Whether it’s a sad song that pulls on your heartstrings or a popular hit on the radio that makes you want to bust a move, both your emotions and iPod library are on "shuffle" in the car. Each song that comes up jogs a different memory and you can't help but react to it.