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Susan J. Helms - All Space/Shuttle Missions Space Missions
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Susan J. Helms - All Space/Shuttle Missions

List of all the spacecraft/shuttle missions or launches by astronaut Susan J. Helms, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of Susan J. Helms space missions includes scientific expeditions and orbiting missions for various space programs. Astronauts are some of the bravest people to ever live, and Susan J. Helms is no exception. Th following are all the names of space missions that Susan J. Helms has been a part of, regardless of the purpose of the mission. As of September 2013 only 536 people have been into space, and Susan J. Helms is one of them.

Items include everything from STS-102 to STS-105.

This list answers the question, "Which space missions was Susan J. Helms part of?" and "What space missions included Susan J. Helms?"
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    Mar 08 2001

  2. 2

    May 19 2000

  3. 3

    Mar 08 2001

  4. 4

    Aug 10 2001

  5. 5

    Jan 13 1993

  6. 6

    Sep 09 1994

  7. 7

    Jun 20 1996


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