Real Pics of People Being Absolutely Terrible on Planes

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Flying isn't what it used to be. Being in a huge death machine thousands of feet in the air while braving the elbow checks of hundreds of people isn't exactly a walk in the park. But when your grandma is calling you every other week telling you how terrible you are for never visiting her, you tough it out and travel the 3 billion miles across the country. You've probably heard horror stories about awful people on airplanes, or likely you've had your own special experience.

The worst people on airplanes are the ones who have no boundaries. The ones who always know how to take an all around terrible travel experience and make it even worse. The ones who shed their shoes, socks, shirts, and pants. The ones that decided that if they're going to be miserable, everyone else has to be too.

Still think flying isn't that bad? For those with doubts, the Internet generation has finally grasped the technology necessary to openly shame and document airplane passengers who are just garbage. Prepare to feast your eyes on some of the worst people out there. Here are REAL, ACTUAL pics of people behaving absolutely terribly, with zero chill, on planes.
Collection Photo:  British Airways
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