The 10 Best Celebrity Interviews I Ever Conducted People
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The 10 Best Celebrity Interviews I Ever Conducted

Sometimes I interview celebrities. Mainly for profit. Here are the 10 most memorable interviews I ever conducted. Keep in mind I'm interviewing Tori Amos soon and I expect that'll make it up there just on novelty points alone.
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    We talked for nearly three hours on a chilly December night, covering a whole range of topics in the guise of discussing the English Beat's greatest hits. We went places I never expected to go, and I gave him a somewhat distasteful photograph of Wham! around Christmas time.
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    I lasted 24 minutes with him and he was absolutely not an ass. He did take on his brother.
  3. 3
    A great discussion about his unusual career path and his troubled homeland of Somalia.
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    He went off on L. Paul Bremer, who had just announced "We got him" in reference to Saddam Hussein, sounding like he'd just finished the Final Jeopardy round in the black. Later on when I met John in person I decided he was the nicest celebrity I've ever met, which remained that way until I met Dave Wakeling. Now they're tied.
  5. 5

    Avett Brothers

    In a quiet, cool, darkened Texas restaurant with a bunch of label suits surrounding us. The atmosphere was very restrained, which meant they were very thoughtful and even a bit dramatic-looking with the lighting. It turns out they, too, love Hall & Oates.
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    We talked about his record label, his garage aesthetic, and very briefly about his Boss. Did not bring up The Sopranos once, and felt proud about that.
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