The 10 Commandments of Man Law Anything
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The 10 Commandments of Man Law

Man Law. The Bro Code. The Man Commandments - the ten most important ones. The 10 commandments of MAN LAW. The rules that every man needs to know because, honestly, there are some things you just don't do. (Honorable mentions include drinking the last beer w/o calling it first, showing another man your canker sore, or bringing a food item with less than 300 calories per serving to a Super Bowl Party.)

What are the biggest rules of man law? From the tried and true (don't date your bro's ex) to the unsaid that should be said (don't get in the way of your bro's game), there are plenty of reevant man laws here for all bros to abide by. Let's get started.

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    Thou Shalt Not Sell Out Thy Friends

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    It would seem like common sense. But for those who are embarking on the Bromance Barge for the first time, take heed. Nothing will get you banished from the annals of male camaraderie faster than telling on your buddy.

    "Brian is cheating on you. With a girl. Every night, they're in bed. Having sex. A lot. Just thought you should know."

    Why stop there? You may as well as hand her the soiled boner bag, give her a hug and take her shoe shopping. Because at this point, you’ve not only ceased being his friend: you’ve just surrendered your manhood and have officially become a bitch.

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