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The 10 Meanest Pranks Parents Ever Pulled on Their Kids

On April Fools' day, we all try to think of great pranks we can play on victims that would be completely unsuspecting. Many people seem to forget, however, that the most unsuspecting victims in all of prankdom are innocent children. These parents did not forget this fact.

Here's a list of 10 pranks played on children (by their parents) that ensure the psychology industry's lasting prosperity. Vote up the cruelest of the cruel below... and maybe get some ideas for when your own kids need a little taste of what it feels like to be pranked.

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    Not the Easter Bunny!

    This one just starts out sooooo adorably sweet with two kids finishing up egg painting and saying how excited they are to have the Easter Bunny come along. Until...

    00:17 A bunny-like figure appears outside their window, and are they excited?

    If scared beyond the capacity for rational thought and shedding a river of tears means excited, then you betcha! Best part is the kid on the chair, frozen in fear, not doing anything to get away from what he's afraid of, just sitting there: crying. Amazing.

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    Classic Water Pail On Door

    This video pays off pretty quickly, and really doesn't do much harm... or does it?

    The girl is coming home from school and probably has all kinds of important homework in that backpack. Possibly something she could have been working on all day.

    This is why we think her reaction is a very matter-of-fact "you did not." They not only just ruined her hair and her homework, but her day.

    Go ahead and scroll to 00:11 for the girl's entrance, it's just a shot of a door before that. See? We value your time around here! Now for another video...

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    Children, Your Father's Bleeding!

    "Hey, honey? What do you think would be a good way to scare our beloved children?"

    "I believe if you pretended to cut yourself really badly and I told them that we were going to have to take you to the hospital that that would be a very splendid scare indeed."

    "I concur!"

    And then these parents scared the crap out of their children.

    After the fright wears off, the kids seem to settle down and accept it as a joke, but based on the look the girl shoots the camera right at the end, we're guessing these parents are going to have to buy a lot of ice cream.

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    XBox 360 Prank

    This Internet classic from a few years ago is easily the cruelest prank we've ever seen played on a child. We see the kid (Jonathan) open a Christmas present to reveal the packaging of an XBox 360. Jonathan lights up with joy and disbelief at his good fortune, until he actually opens the box itself to reveal its inner contents are actually some crappy looking sweaters.

    Watching the entirety of this video makes us actually want to buy an XBox for him.

    The Internet shared our sentiment when people caught wind of this horrible, horrible prank back in 2008. pulled together the money to buy the kid an XBox after being contacted by dozens of good-natured geeks and even Microsoft, offering Jonathan an XBox. Life is full of happy endings! (Right?)

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