The 10 Greatest Bitch Slaps in Movie History Films
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The 10 Greatest Bitch Slaps in Movie History

The bitch slap is more than just a slap. It's an outright smack across the face and when it's delievered, you know it's important. bitch slaps are such a potent display of visceral power that movies have been using them since the beginning of the medium, and when used at just the right time and particularly when delivered unto a worthy recipient, they are some of the most satisfying wallops around. Here are the ten most powerful bitchslap in movie history. Honestly, only the best movies have a bitch slap in them!

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    This slap gets number one on the list purely out of balls and social importance. Sidney Poitier plays a detective from the North who has to come down to racist Mississippi in the 1960s to help out with a murder investigation. Racial tensions are stirred, and when one rich white guy doesn't feel like being questioned by a black man at 00:53 of this clip, he slaps Poitier. What does Poitier do? He bitch slaps the guy right back without a moment of hesitation. What follows is a poignant examination on the aftermath of a bitch slap, and hesitation over the proper course of action to take upon being slapped like... well, like a total bitch.

    The movie came out in 1967, at the height of Martin Luther King Jr.'s preaching of a non-violent approach to combat racism. Now, we're not exactly sure if he ever saw this scene but we feel pretty confident that, if he did, he would have pumped his fist in a celebratory motion just like the rest of us did.

    This isn't just a bitch slap, it's a bitch slap that everyone in America can be proud of.

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