The 10 Greatest Disabled Superheroes of All Time Comic Book Characters
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The 10 Greatest Disabled Superheroes of All Time

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As Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker, "With great power comes great disability." Wait, hang on. It was something like that. Anyway, the tradition of superheroes with disabilities goes back a long time, which makes sense if you think about it. Some people discover amazing, super-human powers only when they are forced to abandon other skills or senses. (Like blind people who develop super-hearing!) Often, the disabilities are tied directly to the character's power, like Daredevil's radiation blindness or Misty Knight's Super Robot Arm of Wonder.

While the early superheroes often seemed invincible and invulnerable - your Supermans, your Batmans, your Wonder Women - over the years, the characters were humanized by giving them real human frailties. (Spider-Man is a nerd, Iron Man has a weak heart and a drinking problem, The Spirit is undead, Storm is played by Halle Berry, and so on.)

Are there any deaf superheroes? Are any major superheroes disabled? Have no fear - even if you're blind, deaf or unable to walk, there still might be a motorized seat for you in the Justice League, so long as you stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way. (Provided, that is, you can stand at all. Hey now!)

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    Charles Francis Xavier (also known as "Professor X") is one of the world's most powerful mutants, a very effective telepath, as well as a scientific genius, and globally respected expert on genetics and mutation. Xavier is typically depicted as a paraplegic confined to his iconic wheelchair, though, the actual reasons for his disability are rarely discussed.

    In the film X-Men: First Class, a misdirected bullet into the spine fells Xavier and is the cause of his later handicap. However, in the comics, he is crippled by the alien Lucifer, who is on Earth while doing some scouting for a potential future invasion. Which feels kind of clumsy for an invading alien race, sending individuals down ahead of the rest of the group to drop stones on powerful telepaths. Just stay on the mothership and nuke us from orbit, right? Who's with me?

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