The 10 Greatest Macho Man Randy Savage Memories Anything
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The 10 Greatest Macho Man Randy Savage Memories

A legend of professional wrestling, Macho Man Randy Savage (born Randall Mario Poffo) was best known for his raspy voice, his over-the-top fashion sense and trademark catchphrase, "Ooooooooh Yeahhhhhhhh." Savage died on May 20, 2011, after suffering from a heart attack while driving in Tampa, Florida. He was 58 years old. His wife, also in the car at the time of the incident, suffered only minor injuries. According to authorities, alcohol was not a factor in the accident. This list includes some of Randy Savage's best and most epic moments in both the worlds of pop culture and sports entertainment. He will be missed.

What are Macho Man Randy Savage's greatest memories? Take a look here and see for yourself.

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    Snake Bite in the Ring

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    The feud between Macho Man and Jake "The Snake" Roberts started in 1991, around the time Savage was enjoying his both on-and-off-air courtship with Miss Elizabeth. It culminated in an incident during WWF Superstars of Wrestling on October 21st in that year. Savage was at the event to provide color commentary, but was lured into the ring by Roberts' taunts. At that point, Roberts incapacitated Savage, tied him to the ropes and goaded a live cobra into biting his arm. The incident was used as a pretext for Savage to return from retirement, so that he could fight Roberts.

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