The 10 Greatest Roller Coaster Pictures Anything

The 10 Greatest Roller Coaster Pictures

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Not everyone loves roller coasters, but everyone does love running over to the photo booth after riding a ride and seeing how ridiculous they looked during that big drop. put together a hilarious list of Roller Coaster pictures. Go to for the full list.
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    Man Love

    "Ugh, this was not included in my season pass!" Click here for a larger image of the man love coaster pic.
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    The Hulk

    He get's so excited, and he just can't hide it. Click here for the full size image of a guy trying to be the Hulk.
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    Fabio Bird Guts

    Not even bird guts can ruin his "beautiful" face or can it... Click here to see a larger image of Fabio covered in bird cuts.
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    Phone Call

    Must have been an important call. Can you hear me now?
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    Puke Fest

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