The 10 Grossest Things That Can Grow On Your Body Diseases / Medical Conditions
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The 10 Grossest Things That Can Grow On Your Body

Warning: the following shocking, graphic images make H1N1 look like a case of the sniffles. These gruesome and gory conditions include conditions that are both treatable and untreatable with the help of modern medicine. These horrific medical conditions range from slightly debilitating to life threatening and rank high on the things you don't want to see happen to your body at any point in your life.

What are the worst things that can grow on the human body? What flesh diseases are treatable? This list of physical diseases highlights some of the terrible things that affect the human body and what can be done to treat them. In some cases, there is no cure for these conditions, only options for treatment. Fortunately, many of these conditions have long since been suppressed into remission and are not as often seen in most parts of the world, though many of these infectious diseases do still exist.

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    Most commonly seen in limbs and male genitalia, Elephantiasis is a disease that causes the thickening of skin and the underlying tissues, causing the affected body parts to swell to abnormally large sizes. The disease is carried by microscopic, parasitic worms transferred by mosquitoes. Once present in the body, a chain of reactions can lead to the lymph system to shutting down, causing the swelling characteristic of the disease.

    There is no cure, per se, for Elephantitis, nor is there a vaccine currently available. Treatments include prescription drugs, rigorous washing of the affected ares, binding in elastic bandages, and in some cases, surgery.

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