The 10 Lamest Superhero Origins Comic Book Characters
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The 10 Lamest Superhero Origins

We can't all be born with our powers or get bitten by radioactive spiders. Some heroes just have to settle with a less-than-spectacular beginning and hope that the mysterious radioactive ooze doesn't give cancerous tumors instead of flight and laser eyes. Here is a list of those heroes who were created from a misfire, or have had their stories f**ked with more times than a child at a NAMBLA convention.
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    Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 June 1972

    First up is a character beloved by few. Luke Cage was created by Marvel back in 1972 because they were pressured by certain groups for not having a very racially balanced superhero line up. Luke’s origin is basically a half assed rip-off of the Captain America Super Soldier serum, but replace SS Serum with untested viral immunity drug. From it, he gained steel hard skin, super strength, and the catch phrase "Sweet Christmas" just to complete the package. So here’s to you, affirmative action hiring.

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