The 10 Lamest Superhero Origins Comic Book Characters
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The 10 Lamest Superhero Origins

We can't all be born with our powers or get bitten by radioactive spiders. Some heroes just have to settle with a less-than-spectacular beginning and hope that the mysterious radioactive ooze doesn't give cancerous tumors instead of flight and laser eyes. Here is a list of those heroes who were created from a misfire, or have had their stories f**ked with more times than a child at a NAMBLA convention.

These are the top ten worst superheroes. Enjoy! Well, don't. You won't.

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    All Star Comics #8 December 1941

    The lame thing about Wonder Woman is actually not how Princess Diana became Wonder Woman, but why the character was created in the first place. She was invented by psychologist William Moulton Morrison, who also invented the polygraph test, because there were no positive female role models in comics at the time. Specifically, he wanted a character who would teach girls €œhow to have adventures while still being tender, submissive, and peace-loving€. This comes across quite clearly in the sexist comments peppered throughout the early issues.

  2. 8

    Thor #337 November 1983

    The writers of Thor got bored one day and decided they wanted to go in a very weird direction. Thor gets in a fight with an alien colony refugee ship and battles with one of their dead horse-faced warriors. Thor get knocked out, the alien grabs his hammer, and gains his powers. Odin makes them fight over ownership, but in the end, it's a draw and a "new" hero is born. Come on guys, you couldn'€™t even come up with some original powers for a new character?

  3. 9

    Detective Comics #27 May 1939

    Before all the cool ninja training and Frank Miller's badass recreation, Batman was kind of a p***y. Literally, the only reason he dressed up as a bat was because one flew into his window as he was thinking, so he could have just as easily ended up dressing like a moth or Jehovah'€™s Witness. The new versions of his back story do a very good job with motivation, but his original story was pretty much, "well, my parents are dead, maybe I'€™ll just dress in a costume and see how it goes. Oh, and I'€™ll need a young boy who will follow me around and won'€™t complain about being put in dangerous situations." Apparently, Child Services was too busy taking bribes to notice.

  4. 10

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 May 1984

    Probably one of the weirdest what-the-f**k origins ever in comic history is that of the Ninja Turtles. It goes something along the lines of a disgraced samurai going to live in the sewers, befriending some rats and tiny turtles, getting doused in green radioactive slime, and both the turtles and the samurai become anthropomorphic martial artists. All that can be said is that the creators were smoking some very good s**t.

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