The 10 Lamest Superhero Costume Changes Ever Comic Book Characters
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The 10 Lamest Superhero Costume Changes Ever

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The worst superhero costumes of all time started as somebody's grand idea for a superhero costume change, then went horribly wrong. In the wake of Wonder Woman getting yet another massive costume change, we look back on the worst attempts at "updating" classic super hero costumes for modern audiences.

What are the worst superhero costumes ever? From slutty superhero costumes (and specifically slutty Wonder Woman costumes), to poor choices of color and fit, there are sadly a great number of bad superhero costumes to choose from when seeking the most ridiculous superhero outfits of all time. Here are the top ten fashion misfires in comic book history.

These could have been the coolest superhero costumes ever, but people had to get a little greedy. Why can't anybody just leave well enough alone?

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    Electric Superman

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    "Hey, lets take the world’s most famous superhero, strip him of everything that makes him an iconic, recognizable symbol around the globe, and instead put him in a light blue and white one piece. And no cape either. Oh, and we’ll give him lame electric powers that are barely worthy of a second string Spider-Man villain like Electro. Any objections?"

    Not sure what the hell DC was smoking that day, but if there is one superhero costume you don't f*ck with, it is the Big Red S. This stupid outfit lasted for a whole year, meaning that someone's first (and last?).

    Of course, we all knew Classic Supes would be back eventually, but why prolong the inevitable for so long?

    And with something so lame as this? We may never know why, but Electric Blue Superman's lameness shoots him to the top of this list.

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