The 10 Most Bizarre Eating Disorder News Stories Foods
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The 10 Most Bizarre Eating Disorder News Stories

You've likely heard about the stories on the television series My Strange Addiction and wondered, "do people really eat crazy household items like toilet paper and couch cushions?" Well as these 10 most bizarre eating disorder news stories show, yes, they certainly do.

Most of these strange addiction stories involve pica, an eating disorder that makes a person eat non-edible things like wood and metal. It is usually caused by a mineral deficiency like iron and is most commonly seen in women and children. The name pica derives from the Latin word for magpie, a bird that will eat anything.

If you think you have bizarre habits or are frustrated with a picky eater in your life, just read on. Warning: The following is pretty darn disgusting and not for the faint of heart.

What are the strangest eating disorder tales? Take a look here and you'll see some strange eating disorders for yourself.

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    Woman Addicted to Eating Foam Inside Sofas

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    31-year-old Adele Edwards, a Florida mother of five children, has been eating the foam inside cushions for 21 years. In the last year alone, she's eaten seven sofas. Talk about an expensive habit. Don't they just sell the foam alone, outside of the sofa?

    Edwards recalls that her addiction first began in a stressful time of her life, when her parents were about to divorce.

    Adele puts pieces of foam in her purse to snack on all day and says sometimes she binges on it for 45 minutes.

    Doctors have told her that she could get a stomach blockage so big that her intestines would explode. Three years ago she had a blockage the size of a grapefruit made of sofa cushions. She had to take a large amount of laxatives to get it out of her intestines.

    A recent addition to Adele's eating disorder is that she rubs the foam in the dirt. Her doctor has diagnosed her with iron deficiency. She is taking iron tablets along with therapy and hypnosis. Her fiance is helping her cut back little by little. Now that's true love.

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