The 10 Most Important Gay Moments in Comic Book History Comic Book Characters
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The 10 Most Important Gay Moments in Comic Book History

Marvel Comics' gay superheroes, Rictor and Shatterstar, finally kissing is an event that made quite a few headlines when it first appeared in the panels of Marvel magazines. In honor of homosexuality becoming more commonplace in comic books, here are the 10 most important LGBT moments in comic book history.

Who were the first gay superheroes? Who are some gay comic characters? While there has been speculation for ages that Batman and Robin are a special kind of teammates, in recent years, there has been less speculation and more confirmation about these LGBT comic book characters and their association with the gay comic book community.

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    When the Rawhide Kid returned to comics in 2003, he was re-branded as gay in the more adult-themed comic book series. While the Kid wasn't sent to any Old West gay bars in between gun slinging, he did affect a different speech pattern and air and attitude more suited to a stereotypical homosexual character. Trite as it may have seemed, he was still representing the LGBT community in a time in history where it went strictly unspoken.

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