The 10 Strangest, Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found Anything
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The 10 Strangest, Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found

This list of weird animals includes the unknown, unexplained, unidentified – and just plain terrifying. The pictures of weird creatures found all over the planet (and the Internet) will make you squint and ask, "What the hell is that?" Photos of them get circulated everywhere, from random no-name blogs to national and international news networks, giving everyone a chance to make their own quasi-educated (thanks to TV and movies) predictions regarding what scientists and Internet skeptics will find out.

What are the scariest creatures ever found? What weird animals actually exist? Have alien animals been found on Earth? Read up on both the hype and found reality of each of these animals and creatures, whatever they are. Have fun sleeping tonight.

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    Eerie Monster on Deer Cam in Berwick, Louisiana

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    The Hype:
    On December 10, 2010 NBC 33 reported a picture that an anonymous hunter had found on his deer cam after coming back to his destroyed camp in Berwick, Louisiana. It was reported in news outlets around the world, illustrating the fact that if it's printed somewhere in "letters," local TV news will pick up news of the biblical apocalypse being here. The hunting picture shows a thin, gangly, fast-moving, seemingly nocturnal creature that can most likely swallow your soul with one backwards-sounding howl.

    What's really the creepiest part of this whole thing is how powerful and mobile the creature looks.

    The mystery hasn't completely been solved, although many believe it is a photoshopped hoax.

    Two different companies tried to exploit this by saying the creature is part of their viral marketing campaign. The first was a report for J.J. Abram's Super 8, released in June of 2011. linked the creature to the film because in a video, Cameron Marie Saunders, who worked on Super 8, talks about running into a "zombie" and having to cry in the scene. There was no further evidence that the creature was part of Super 8's viral marketing campaign.

    Then Playstation claimed that the creature was a Grim from their Resistance 3 game and part of the marketing campaign. Insomniac Games posted an update to their Twitter that read "Whoops...looks like one got out. If you see a Grim on the loose...please return to Insomniac Games," which further convinced people that the truth had finally been revealed. This, of course, also isn't true because if Playstation/Insomniac Games had actually been behind this, they wouldn't have made the image so sad. I mean, the poor guy's missing a few eyes.

    This is what a "grim" looks like:

    Some say that it's the same creature from a popular night vision video that is to this day unexplained. It's supposedly a "fallen angel" captured in the woods. Wait until 45 seconds for the creepy part. It would make sense that this is the same creature:

    After that, two people on Reddit debated the very pixels in the picture, reaching no conclusion (by the way, these guys did more research than any of the "news" stations that reported the picture put together.)

    Captainpremise basically disproved the picture using one side of pixel analysis in this post. The strongest counterpoint was then given by the user atavus68 in this response, so really, it's all up in the air.

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