The 10 Vampire Movies That Don't Suck Films
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The 10 Vampire Movies That Don't Suck

Given that an entire generation of tweens and teens alike are currently spending their hard earned allowances on fake fangs and even faker emotions, let us pay tribute to the true blood-sucking pioneers who bled the way for the Cullen clan. In this list, it's good to suck. (To see the movies that didn't make this list, check out the Complete List of Vampire Movies.)

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    An adorable timeless story about awkward adolescence and young love, except one party is a bullied 12 year-old geek with a weird haircut and the other is a mysterious and stinky ageless vampire. Full of snow, blood, fire, brimstone, and plenty of "aww" moments, this Swedish movie (officially Låt den rätte komma in) was remade in English in 2010 starring a very respectable Chloe Moretz.
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    Released in 2000, "Vampire Hunter D" is a dark tale based on a 20 volume series first published in 1983. The story takes place in 12,090 AD and vampires are the elite class of society. I can't think of a better world to live in. The artwork in this movie is somewhere between flickering lights in darkened hallways and the visions you see just between sleeping and waking. I'd watch this movie just for the artwork alone, let alone the plot.
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    Vampires. Lesbians. Sex. At this point, I really doubt you care when it was released (for the record, 1971).
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    Eat the script girl later, Willem, or eat this girl right here and now. Either way, the performance is worth rewinding over and over and over again. Released in 2000, this gem of a movie is based on the work of Max Schreck while he performed in "Nosferatu." Rumors abounded that Schreck really was a vampire...that he never broke character...that he actually drank blood during production. But one rumor that actually was fact, was that Willem Dafoe never once broke character during the entire production. Imagine asking that man what he wants from the catering truck.
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    The Granddaddy of them all. The very FIRST vampire movie on the big screen. Directed by F.W. Murnau, this movie was made in Germany and starred the great Max Schreck as Count Orlok. Completely silent and shot in black & white, "Nosferatu" is held afloat completely by Schreck, with his unnaturally large eyes and subtle, creepy manner. While the film didn't win any awards, it did inspire another Oscar-worthy performance by another King of Creep: Willem Dafoe in "Shadow of the Vampire."
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    Released in 1987, when I was too busy watching "Flight of the Navigator", this glorious "we are young, we are warriors" battle-cry of the young and oppressed came to the big screen.

    Starring the who's who of 80's era wet dreams for women and gay men, this movie only succeeded in 1 thing: ruining Chinese food for me for life.
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