The Craziest Unexpected Sex-Related Deaths in History Causes of Death
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The Craziest Unexpected Sex-Related Deaths in History

All of the people on this list had sex-related deaths, either dying during sex or because of it in some way. People can get pretty freaky while making whoopee, but it's amazing that they can so far as to die while in the process of said freakiness. But if those people weren't doing all that weird stuff, we wouldn't have this awesome list, amirite?

For example, a woman with 40 LL sized tatas almost (accidentally) killed her husband during sex (using her tatas). In light of this (the husband is fine), we've found the most notable examples of people unexpectedly dying during sex or because of it in some way, shape, or form. The first two are Popes (condensed into one item for your convenience)!

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    John Garfield

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    John Garfield, star of The Postman Rings Twice and Body and Soul, had hit a rough patch. After a year of being nailed by Congress for denying he had knowledge of the Commies, he took on a little extra pink of his own, actress Iris Whitney.

    While undergoing a perjury rap by the House of UnAmerican Activities, he was found dead in her bed.

    Diagnosed with heart problems, he wasn't feeling well one night when Iris put him to bed and she found him dead the next morning as a result of a heart attack. Garfield was only 39.



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