The 11 Most Inappropriate Kids' Toys of All Time Anything

The 11 Most Inappropriate Kids' Toys of All Time

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Toy developers have to come up with enough ideas every day to quench the unrelenting need of kids to have more "stuff". So it's understandable that their ideas can't all be winners, but these toys are worlds below the realm of "bad idea" of the "what the hell were you thinking" variety. Here are 11 horribly offensive and bad toys for kids that make us second guess the entire children's toy industry -- and their therapists.
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    Inflatable Slide

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    There are more than one of these inflatable products floating around, and even more videos of kids coming out of these contraptions that look a little bit phallic. But the red color of this one was just too much. Way too much. And the fact that the entire structure is phallic and extremely long, well, pretty much put the nail in the coffin that yes: our children are this inflatable structure's love juices.

    Depending on your familiarity with human anatomy, you may imagine more than a few parts that this looks like: take your pick because there is no right answer. The only way this product could be any worse is if it was a slip and slide with water from the next item...

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