The 11 Most Inappropriate Kids' Toys of All Time Anything
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The 11 Most Inappropriate Kids' Toys of All Time

Inappropriate kids toys come in many shapes and sizes--just like the body parts they sometimes resemble. Toy developers have to come up with enough ideas every day to quench kids' unrelenting need to have more "stuff". It's understandable that their ideas can't all be winners, but some of these inappropriate toys for kids sink worlds below the realm of "bad idea" all the way down to the "what the hell were you thinking" variety. We've gathered some of the world's most awful children's toys here so you can see what we mean.

And without further ado, here are 11 horribly offensive and bad toys for kids that make us second guess the entire children's toy industry. 
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    Lion King Toy

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    This (probably) McDonald's Rafiki toy is meant to mirror and recreate that inspiring, beautiful and memorable moment from the Disney classic The Lion King where Rafiki (the baboon/monkey/wise-man) raises Simba over his head to show the entire kingdom their new prince and f*ture king.

    The toy has been made to allow Rafiki to hold Simba just a liiiiittle too far down. So far down that this becomes really, really disturbing.

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